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Fiona Horne launched a career in the entertainment industry as the lead singer of number one Aussie 90’s electro-rock band, Def FX, before continuing on to author several best-selling books on Modern Witchcraft.  She is a popular radio and television personality, appearing on many programs around the world.  Fiona is also a commercial pilot, public speaker, humanitarian aid worker, world record holding skydiver, professional fire dancer, yoga instructor, freediver ... and always a Witch.  And always a Rock Star - Def FX will be hitting the road again soon!


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My New Oracle Deck! Coming September 2023

I am so excited! My new oracle deck 'DARK MAGICK - Reveal the Light Within' is out this September!  It was such a blessing to work with amazing Filipino digital artist,

Jes Abela. We went deep together forging this deck for you and I hope you love it.

Dark Magick Oracle is a tool for unravelling the mysteries of life and exploring deeper levels of being and personal evolution. This shadow deck addresses the darker and more challenging aspects of life, the difficult and sometimes inconvenient feelings and emotions and the less-popular choices. It is a deck for individuals who do not easily fit into particular slots or categories.  This oracle is also ideal for adults who are healing their inner child by revisiting events, feelings and impressions left from their earlier years to assist in living a more empowered and positively adjusted life. Every card comes with a spell or ritual and suggestions for a daily personal magickal practice to heal and process life's lessons. 


TEEN MAGICK - Witchcraft for a New Generation!
Available internationally in all good Bookstores and Online

This authentic guide for the Teen Witch takes them on a journey of self-discovery - to dig deep and learn about all the magick that is inside of them, and then shine that magick into the world.

At night, Teen Witches are out under the starry sky, turning on to Magick; they meet after school IRL ... and Zoom in with other magickal youth around the world for full moon rituals.
Alone, they cast spells to help them pass tests, attract boyfriends or girlfriends, get along with their parents, and find out what their life’s true calling is.
What does it take to be a real Witch?
With all the tools, spells, sacred days and tips for what to do in love and life, how to deal with social media, and address today’s challenges of environmental, social and cultural change, this book is a must-have for the young person who
wants to evolve into the most empowered version of themselves in a brave, new Magickal life!
Published by Rockpool Publishing

For a sneak preview click here!


Fiona featured in The West Australian Newspaper, 'Play' Magazine

31st October 2020,  click on the cover to read!


See Fiona's fascinating interview on GAIA's Beyond Belief with George Noory 

Fiona's first oracle deck, Magick of You, internationally available in bookstores and online
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