I've picked up a guitar again and have formed a new duo with my partner, Dave Hopkins (The Hellmenn) called,

Spiff & Fifi (our nicknames!) 


Keep an eye out for us playing a winery, bar, or brewhouse in Australia's South West this summer!   And check out our socials...

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SEAWITCH is a new stoner rock band that Dave and I have formed, along with local South West Legends, Brad Miller (M16's) on bass and Ben Alone (Purple Urchin) on drums.  Stay tuned for new tracks - we are in the studio now and in the meantime, click on the pic to hear a preview from the jam room.  This song is called 'Initate' and all the lyrics are from my Book of Shadows... and check out our socials...

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My first solo album, Witchweb, and my spells and magickal meditations CD, Magickal Life, are available again in limited supply only through my website. You can click on the covers if you would like to own.

I was blessed to work with musician and producer Paul Searles on this album.  We wrote the album across continents - me in Los Angeles, him in Sydney - before uniting in his studio in Sydney to record.  The songs are inspired by my life - they range from a Witchy Circle casting track... to a song about jumping out of airplanes.  My favorite track is Lost In the Woods.  Here is a sample track of it for you.

Recorded between the worlds of Sydney and Los Angeles, I reunited with Paul Searles and his dreamy soundscapes and also worked with Ric Markmann of Matter Music, Los Angeles to record these spoken meditations and spells from my personal practice.