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Chat with Fiona

Fiona’s life achievements and positive personality have inspired many people to seek out her advice.  A well respected tarot card reader, psychic/intuitive counsellor and practical life coach, with over fifteen years of professional experience, time spent with Fiona is always insightful, uplifting and helpful. 


You can make a personal appointment to speak with Fiona via Whats App, Viber or Skype.



15 mins:      USD  $50

30 mins:      USD$100

60 minutes: USD$200


Fiona is on USA East Coast time.  Send her an email by clicking here to schedule your appointment. Your payment will be securely accepted through PayPal.

Feedback from Fiona's clients around the world...

After my reading with Fiona, so much clarity and purpose has arisen in my life. She reads the cards in a very direct yet gentle way. You almost forget she is a famous rock star goddess, and feel more like you are speaking with an old friend. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to make real changes in their life. Thank you again Fiona for all your insight and wisdom xx  Fiorella, Australia


Fiona provided quick answers to my questions with lots of details, predictions, and truly sensible advice. It was a wonderful reading and she's a very sweet lady who doesn't sugar coat anything. Everything was straightforward but with kindness. I feel she was very accurate and a truly gifted psychic. Call Fiona, you won't be disappointed.  Jennifer, USA


Another fantastic call with Fiona! I just love talking to her I always feel so much better after we have our conversations!  Cory, Canada.


Thanks Fiona. Hope he gets his head on straight like you said. He just frustrates me. Thanks for calming me down. You are awesome.  Alicia, USA


Fiona is awesome!!! She has predicted some amazing things in the past that have come to fruition. Call her - she is one of the best out there. Sunil, USA


Thanks Fiona! She seems to keep me positive. She picked up on my situation fast and quick at answering your questions with a lot of detail.  Karen, UK


Fiona is absolutely AMAZING!! She is fast, direct, and honest and simply genuine. Fiona has a natural gift and will answer all your questions with complete honesty and love. Thank you Fiona, God Bless xo  Natalie, Australia


Great to connect again! Fiona has read for me over the past few years and is always strong and consistent with my needs. Thanks Fiona! A million stars to you.Kathy, USA


Been talking with Fiona for several years and she has always been on target. She's the absolute best...thank you Fiona! Lisa, USA

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