Fiona Horne launched her music career defiantly and uniquely at age 18 teaching herself to play guitar and then singing in her own band, grunge rockers, ‘Sister Sludge’, who performed in Adelaide for a year, sharing the stage with Tex Perkin’s ‘Beasts of Bourbon’ and other male dominated bands, and building a notoriously rockin' reputation before moving back to her home in Sydney in 1985 and forming girl punk group, The Mothers’ who recorded a vinyl 7 inch single ‘Drives Me Wild’ and 12 inch EP called ’12 Incher’ on the infamous Waterfront Label. 


At the time there were few women playing guitar and singing on Australian stages and young Fiona made her mark with her fearless stage persona, defiant lyrics and powerful guitar playing.

In 1991 she co-formed electro/rock outfit, ‘Def FX’ who went on to have major local and international success, topping the independent charts consecutively, receiving an ARIA nomination for Best Independent Album in 1993, plus regular appearances in JJJ’s Hottest 100. 

Major label signings to EMI, RCA/BMG and Universal lead to mainstream chart success.

One of Australia’s hardest working live bands, in the band’s seven-year career, they headlined to thousands and toured with international acts like the Smashing Pumpkins and No Doubt and performed every Big Day Out including opening the international main stage. 

The band had significant success in the USA signed to RCA/BMG in New York, two national tours, Billboard chart positions and high rotation on MTV.  Def FX also charted in Asia in 1996, touring Japan with No Doubt and Blink 182 (who opened for Def FX!)

Fiona demonstrated unique song writing abilities in Def FX, and her strong, wild stage performances captivated audiences in Australia, Asia and the USA.

She inspired a generation of young women in the 90’s to be creative, confident, to rock hard and believe in themselves.

After Def FX, Fiona worked successfully in television and radio, hosting shows and regular appearances on Australia Networks: Nine, Ten, Seven and ABC, released two charting solo music projects.


Fiona also commenced writing books on Modern Witchcraft,.  She bravely stepped into the pubic eye to dispel negative stereotypes and appeared on many programs around the world, and was invited to speak at Harvard University on the subject.

In 2000 she moved to the USA working in television and radio, in 2004 scoring a starring role in the SciFi Channel TV hit series, Mad Mad House.

After a successful 10 years in Hollywood, in 2011 she changed her life’s direction and became a commercial pilot flying humanitarian aid in the Caribbean, plus working as Captain for an air charter company.  The lockdowns of 2020 saw the aviation industry grounded and her full time return to Australia, basing herself in Western Australia with partner, celebrated musician, Dave (Spiff) Hopkins.

In 2021 Fiona returned to the Australian stage, songwriting, playing guitar and singing in two projects, an acoustic duo ‘Spiff & Fifi’ (as at July 2nd, number 2 in the Australian Country Radio Charts) and original rock band, ‘Seawitch.’

Once again, Fiona is inspiring women of all ages and backgrounds to be confident and free to express themselves.

In addition to mentoring young female musicians, Fiona volunteers at her local community radio station, Radio Margaret River, producing/hosting the one hour program, ‘Sistars.’ Every fortnight she interviews local female artists and showcases their music and art.

Fiona also reforms Def FX for charity events, like ‘Rockin’ For The Homeless 2021.’ 

She still writes books about Witchcraft, her most recent, 'Teen Magick - Witchcraft for a New Generation' being an international best seller in it's genre.

Fiona Horne is now one of the world’s most respected Witches. She is now the author of fourteen best-

selling books on modern Witchcraft, published over the last two decades, which see her

writings and tireless work dispelling negative stereotypes having a generational impact on the positive evolution of the modern Witch.

Unusual facts about Fiona: 

She is a professional fire dancer

A world record holding skydiver

A freediver who dives to 100 feet/33 meters + on a single breath

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