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Raw, Honest, Exposed, and truly beautiful!

By JasmineDawne

from Vancouver B.C, Canada

About Me: Bookworm



  • Beautiful

  • Deserves Multiple Readings

  • Easy To Read

  • Engaging

  • Honest

  • Page-Turner

  • Well Written

Best Uses

  • Gift

  • Growth

  • Inspirational

  • Reference

  • Travel Reading

This book was a long time coming. As a fan of Fiona Horne's for as long as I can remember I was always wanting to know more about this gorgeous, magical woman who kept me captivated with her witchy and rock star ways. I always felt like she was the big sister I never had. A big sister rock star who was guiding me in my witchy ways as the years went on. 

No one in life is perfect, and this book shows that Fiona is imperfectly perfect. She is open and honest, raw and blunt. She holds nothing back, and readers will develop an admiration and respect beyond any level. 

It has everything in, including her exciting, hilarious, and sometimes awkward encounters with the likes of Kiss, Tom Jones, a!omg others.

She never once tries to portray herself as someone who thinks she is above anyone, she is down to earth, loving, full of grace even innher toughest moments in life. Reading this will inspire you, make you self reflect and want to know more.

Back in my 20's following Fiona's career I so badly wanted to be her, this book showed me that I am her, and she's me. Equally goddesses that are struggling, thriving, failing, flourishing and some days just barely hanging on to our broomsticks but dammit we are not giving up.

Read this book! If you have never heard of her it doesn't matter! Because this book will inspire you and entertain you. A great read about a great woman.

Bottom LineYes, I would recommend this to a friend

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