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Music and Magick have always been inextricably entwined – we chant to manifest, we dance when raising power, we sing when conjuring.

In my rock band, SEAWITCH we weave together the ecstatic energy of guitars with deep rock bass rhythm and wild heavy rock drum beats with bewitched lyrics.

Every song is a spell, an incantation, a tool for manifestation.

There is a SPELLBOOK on our website with our magickal lyrics.

Our first single of our debut self titled EP is called WITCH HUNT and it tells the story of the Seawitch who reverses curses and shows the way to love and freedom.

If you have something negative in your life that you wish to transform, watch the video for Witch Hunt, listen to the song and perform this spell with us.

You will need:

A large white candle with a gold pentagram painted on it (protection, purity and divinity)

An outdoor open fire or a circle of seven small candles (Fire energy releases and transforms)

A large pin or a thin nail (representing the pain you feel and want to release and transform)

Geranium Oil (for healing and new life)

A Rose (love)

Light the fire/or the circle of candles and place the Pentagram Candle next to the fire or inside the circle. Place the pin, oil and rose next to the candle.

Play WITCH HUNT … on repeat!

Dance, raising energy! When you feel invigorated and empowered, light the candle and anoint with geranium oil by tracing your initials with it on the side of the candle as you chant:

“I reverse that is adverse

Bound to me no longer Cursed.

Ill feelings gone, the tide has turned.

I am free no longer spurned.

Anoint the branch geranium

Gentle rose the spell’s begun”

Then take the pin and hold the tip in the candle flame for a few seconds, heating it.

Push it into the candle about a quarter way down as you intone:

“Flame and the metal hot

Push the pin until it stops.”

Pick up the rose and hold to your heart as you state:

“Heart I declare love to feel

Love to share until it’s real.”

Hold the rose to your heart and continue to dance to Witch Hunt, singing along to raise the power of transformation even more!

When you are ready to ground your energy and anchor the spell, place the rose next to candle. Let the candle burn down to the pin. Then snuff the flame.

The spell is done. If you feel you to need to repeat the spell, you can do as many times as you like. Reheating and sticking the pin each time.

Blessings of love, light and magickal rock to you!

Seawitch will be releasing a new single with video at the end of each month

for three more months.

There is more Magick coming…keep a psychic eye on

Blessed Be

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