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Dear Friends,

What an extraordinary time to be alive as the ‘world as experienced by the human race’ literally transforms around us globally and at lightening speed.

This may seem overwhelming - and if you get caught up in negativity, even incredibly depressing and scary.

As someone who has written many books on living a magickal and joyful life and had the privilege of speaking and connecting with people all over the world about this for nearly three decades now - I will share how am I conducting myself right now, in case it is useful for you to consider ...

My spiritual gut tells me that the coming weeks will reveal the outcome of how we continue as a species. Not months or years. Weeks.

I have written the following statement in all my books (14 books published over 22 years now):

‘The world answers according to the questions you ask of it’.

When I refer to this in my books I am discussing the Magick of Witchcraft ... and explaining how it is like a ‘language’. When you learn to ‘speak the language of Magick, then the world becomes a ‘magickal place.’

And using this same premise I now offer the following for your consideration ....

It is crucial that the individual makes every effort to educate themselves beyond what mainstream media is portraying and expecting us to unquestionably accept. Use this time in isolation to research, question, consider all alternatives ... learn the language of enlightenment, personal choice and positive change ... it’s more important now than ever before.

Here are some more thoughts on how I am personally conducting myself on a daily basis right now:

Even as so much negativity, fear and restrictions are being ‘enforced’ I can still be free from this detrimentally impacting my daily life.

I am free to continue to turn my face to the sun and let the shadows fall behind me, everyday in gratitude and joy.

(Or as a friend recently said to me, I will continue to ‘turn sh*t into sunshine.’)

Considering the possibility of great corruption and deception going on right now and steering these current world events, it is appropriate to consider that there is so much evil in the human race ... and at the same time there must also be so much good.

This is the fact of the ‘Yin and the Yang’.

As such I am choosing to align with ‘the good’ and I am choosing to hear and speak it’s language rather than allowing ‘the bad’ to dominate how I experience my life and the type of energy I am projecting into the world.

My manifesto that I wrote last year... ‘The Art of Witch’, I realize now, is like a primer for the current state of affairs.

Some advice from The Art of Witch (published July 2019):

Give away your possessions, lighten your load, the less you have, the less money you need to maintain it and the less you need to ‘buy into and rely on the system.’

Don’t watch any mainstream media.

Don’t buy into the myth ‘I consume, therefore I exist.’

Know that our bodies are designed to work, not ‘grow old, get sick and die expensively.’ Don’t buy into the myth of the medical industry (which includes pharmaceutical companies) that you need it to survive... the goal of the financially driven, medical industry is to make and keep you, sick and ‘dependent on it.’

Eat pure organic foods and whenever possible eat them harvested from within 2 miles of where you live.

Don’t put junk food or poison into your body... don’t even drink shit coffee. Just like a plane needs the right fuel and oil to function to its best ability as designed, so does your human body.

Measure your ‘wealth’ not by what’s in your wallet, but by the happiness in your heart ... and in that sense you can be far wealthier than the richest man on earth (is that still Bill Gates?)

Take care of yourself first... how can you carry another person’s bag when your own arm is broken? Or in aviation terms: ‘put your own mask on before assisting others.’

There are lots more tips and thoughts in AOW but above are some that relate to the current state of things and I feel, as I practice them, are allowing me to live free of fear and sadness right now.

As I mentioned in a recent social media post, practicing good hygiene and taking care of my health so that I can function optimally and be of service in the world has been a practice most recently even more deeply ingrained in me as a professional pilot. It is very important for every human to be respectful of other’s health, by taking care of their own health and practicing responsible personal hygiene every day not only in times like now.

My peace of mind exists irrespective of the surroundings and circumstances I find myself in. I have worked hard to cultivate this quality in the last 7 sober years. It’s a spiritual discipline. And cultivating this ability to consistently prioritize peace of mind 100% of the time with zero exceptions, I have found is essential to living as a content and joyful human.

In my humble opinion that’s one of the very most important things we can do when contemplating the enormity of things right now. Cultivate unconditional peace of mind. It’s a powerful frequency that can overcome many ills... physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It can help reveal the Truth.

Also, in recent meditation it’s been revealed to me that it’s what the benevolent presence at the core of existence wants us to do. With peace of mind established, we can trust our innate goodness. Shine light into darkness. Align with the goodness in others. Share joy, peace, gratitude and happiness with all who cross our paths... whether 6 feet away, over the internet, or in our own homes. The universe will shape itself around us so that we can exist in peace and comfort as these huge changes unfold.

Wishing everyone love, health and peace of mind in these extraordinary times 💙🙏✨

“Freedom is not the absence of commitments, but the ability to chose – and commit myself to – what is best for me.” ~ Paulo Coelho

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