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Updated: May 3, 2020

Wishing you all love, health, enlightenment and peace of mind in these extraordinary times 💙🙏✨ I’ve been doing a lot of research these last weeks - the only other time in my life that’s comparable in volume of study and inquiry was in 2016 - the year I became a commercial pilot! I have questioned whether the health risks, methods for diagnosing and counting actual numbers of corona virus affected individuals warrant a global shutdown of humanity. I have questioned whether these methods instigated by global governments are about the health of humanity, or the control of humanity. I have questioned whether the second richest man in the world is truly a philanthropist and global benefactor or a manipulative individual with a messiah complex and $14 billion dollars in tax cuts... I have questioned everything I thought was right and contemplated what if everything I ‘know’ is wrong? And the one thing I’m clear on, is this time is not about politics and the plans of the .01% of the global billionaire elite - it’s about the health and freedom of humanity. It is a time for us to resist being divided by fear and to come together united beyond political party/non-party, beyond gender, race and creed ... to unconditionally unite and become aware of the importance of respecting, loving and caring for each other. To celebrate our differences and to allow us all to flourish. To allow us all to make our own choices. This time is also a beautiful time of ‘The Sacred Pause’ so that our planet can heal and regenerate somewhat whilst we are not stomping all over it as much. So that humans can understand profoundly our impact. So that we can all learn to tread more lightly. In addition to reading articles, watching videos and live feeds I have also been taking Spiritual counsel in daily meditation - and it is revealed to me continuously that how we see the world influences how it manifests. This is a time to be acknowledging the transformational value of gratitude - of choosing to see and acknowledge reasons to be grateful every day. This time can be an awakening of the value of respect .... self respect: take responsibility and care for our health, community respect: take care of and responsibility for our communities wellbeing, and take care of our responsibility to question the mainstream narrative. To wake up to the enormous positive potential at this time. To protect our civil liberties for ourselves now and the generations to come. Here are just a few of the articles and videos I have found thought provoking in these past weeks... I would not have found them had I not gone digging beyond what the mainstream ‘official’ narrative was offering - and I offer them to throw in your ‘pot of consideration’ as you create your own narrative. Question everything. Wishing you peace, positivity and enlightenment ✨

Helpful note: Just highlight the links below with your cursor and right click to visit the article online: Robert F Kennedy Jr and Children’s Health Defense on Government, Big Pharma and Philanthropic Corruption:

London Real Live stream May 3rd with Brian Rose and David Icke

Questioning the official impact narrative:

Getting beyond the political divide: Holistic California MD shares her Wisdom:

Questioning the business of philanthropy: David Icke interview, millions of views and banned by You Tube about current events with Brian Rose of London Real TV: And the original for outside UK/Europe 5G and inherent risks: Collection of world interviews and commentaries on current events collated on one website: Ex Microsoft Canada Chairman and 5G Health concerns: Cost effective and easily available mainstream medical treatment for the Covid19: US Surgeon General’s assessment and commentary by Dr Rashid A Buttar: Censorship - commentary with Dr Rashid Buttar A Spiritual Perspective:

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